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Every Man Will Want This Type Of Woman

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Every Man Will Want This Type Of Woman

When it comes to relationships between men and women, they are often complicated; men want women who are laid back, relaxed and funny and women who don’t talk about calories when they go to a restaurant. On the other hand, women are obsessed with the stability in the relationships, and they always seek a partner for long term relationships and sometimes they exaggerate in their requests and often find themselves alone.

When stronger gender chooses his life partner, they look beyond perfect completion, good hear, big breasts or behind, of course; that is important, but only it attracts them on the first sight, but if a woman doesn’t have an intellectual depth, physical appearance quickly goes to the second plan.

These features every woman needs to have if she wants to attract men.

Good listener

Most of the men like women who have a short tongue, the one that won’t give then negative comments, objections, criticize them or advise them too much.

They want to know that woman is always there for the talk, but above all, they want a woman who is patient, ready to listen, they want to have a caring woman, but without that familiar talk.

Woman needs to be spontaneous

Men cheer for laid back and natural women who feel good in their skin and act the way they feel. Without repercussions and stiffness. They enjoy the moments when they can see and feel that you are truly you.

Don’t try to be something that you aren’t, if you create a false illusion, you won’t be able to act that long and at some point; he will be able to see through you.

Woman needs to know what she wants

Every man wants to see a woman who is satisfied with herself and likes the job that she is doing. If she loves live and the environment, that’s a great head start.

Men like positive and vibrant women who enjoy in each moment and each day. In this way, they will bring them a lot of positive energy and make them a day more beautiful.

Good cook

It is widely known fact that men enjoy food and if their woman is a good cook they will praise them even more. That’s a traditional part of men’s brain; they love the women who know how to cook, but they love them even more because they know that they are only cooking for them

Ready to make a compromise

Every man wants a woman who is ready to find a solution acceptable for both. This is an important part of every relationship and without it, every romance is condemned.


Believe it or not, men like strong women who are ready to resist all life troubles, on which they can count to, even when something goes bad.

Adventurous in bed

Having fun in bed is just as important, a passion for romance and even passion toys are a way to keep it real and keep it spicy. When life gets to tugging in both directions you need a little reminder of the fire you once had for each other.

Real and natural

Men like natural women, with all their faults and virtues. Even when they don’t have a smile on their face, perfect hair or completion, it is important that they have heart and soul.


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